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Presenting plastic food in the right way is just as important as making your dish as well.
There are rules that are important to follow to ensure that plastic models perform their basic function and thus increase sales.


Choosing the right place for display

(Marumo Kitchen) restaurant

Taking advantage of the exterior wall of your shop is one of the smart ways to attract the attention of pedestrians, where it could be used as a show window to display the food items available.

Lighting settings

(FOLLO PORRO) Restaurant

Setting up the lighting accurately is one of the most important marketing insights. Hands-down direct lighting ideally on the dishes reflects out the details, and gives it a tempting, fresh and healthy appearance, and thus attracts attention, and Sharpen the appetite.

Display the dish in a perverted


Diversify the viewing angle. Displaying some dishes at an oblique angle (from 45 to 60 degrees), allowing the customers passing by the store to see the surface of the show window clearly.

Choosing the perfect surface


Displaying the popular dishes on the best surface setting followed up by the rest of the menu. For instance, If the restaurant is famous for its dessert dishes, then it shall be displayed in a perfect view distinguished easily from others. Other main courses presented following in according to sort and importance.

Price and Additions Card


Illustrating prices, saving offers, and ingredients of the dish increase the possibility of making the purchase by the customer as most of them prefer to know this information before deciding to purchase.
It is also recommended to offer a list of Take-away dishes to increase the sales.

displaying the dishes, desired to increase their selling rate, in the front at the show window

(PARRILLA) Restaurant

Bring life back to the forgotten dishes in your menu, try to choose some dishes to be displayed in the front of the show window, and you’ll be surprised of the amount of the orders on that dishes.

Displaying a model of full meal

(TSUKUMI) Restaurant

Displaying full meals helps the customer with the choice. It saves them time and effort of choosing each dish at a time, as some prefer to choose the meal at once.

Keep up with seasonal changes by adding expressive touches on offers such as (Holidays, National Events, Seasons)


Celebrate with customers at public events. For instance, you can decorate the placing surface of the plastic models displayed with some roses and flowers to create a suitable atmosphere for approaching spring.

Displaying the most popular dishes

(KUAAINA) Restaurant

Use motivating phrases when displaying plastic models. You can place a small card in different colors with phrases on it such as “Most Popular” or “Number #1”