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“Replica Food” As You Never Knew Before!

“Replica Food” As You Never Knew Before!

In this article, we will explore some of the exciting information about “Replica Food”. When we first hear the phrase “Replica Food”, many questions pop up in our minds. Such as, what is it? Is there really something as “Fake Food”? What is it being used? Is it eatable?

In fact, the idea of replica food displays food was used only to promote real food. It first appeared in Japan after noticing the crowded restaurants as a result to customers’ need of more time before ordering; asking about the size or ingredients of the dish they would like to order. Hence was the start.


The history of Replica Food

When Americans and Europeans began to travel to Japan to participate in the restoration efforts after World War II, they found it very difficult to read menus written in Japanese. However, the Japanese have overcome this problem by using the idea of “Replica Food”, where many restaurants owners asked to manufacture replica models matching the dishes they provide. This way, the foreigners can see all the available recipes and choose what they like by pointing directly at it. “Replica Food” models had a great success, and therefore the Japanese turned to use this idea by placing banners on the storefronts of the restaurants that contain sample food. With these models, the appearance of the storefronts becomes more attractive and exciting for whoever sees it, making it more probable for him to decide to enter the store.



How to display Replica Food?

Since “Replica Food” is designed to satisfy the sense of sight before the sense of taste. As the saying goes “#people_eat_with_thier_eyes”, it is recommended to display it on the storefront of the restaurant, increasing the number of customers entering the restaurant to taste what they saw outside. It can also be used near the cashier, in marketing exhibitions or for photography. There are many other ways to display these models according to the needs of each shop. In short, this can be anywhere that real food cannot be exhibited at.

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