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How to Increase Your Sales at Minimal Cost

How to Increase Your Sales at Minimal Cost


Many restaurant and coffee shop owners aspire to increase their sales in various ways that do not necessarily have a positive impact, may cause the waste of a lot of money or food, or may even lead to some counterproductive results. At FOOD TECH, we made it easier for you to increase your sales through using “Replica Food” technique. This is one of the supreme ways that affect customers’ purchase behavior. Moreover, it increases profits by relying mainly on food shape replication, which stimulates appetite and derives the customer to buy the shop’s provided food items.


Replica Food is characterized by several features that qualified it to be the best marketing method when it comes to increasing sales. The quality of our replicas is so high that the customer can hardly differentiate whether these replicated items are real or fake at a first glance! Our products are also easy to clean and does not require any operating expenses or periodic maintenance, as with all the other equipment used in shops. Moreover, they are designed with special materials that are bearable of the climate in the Arab region; it does not dissolve and does not rot in contrast to real food, yet it remains in the same shape for more than 10 years without any noticeable change. Each model is designed individually according to the client’s requests, making it usable for various kinds of stores, such as restaurants, bakeries, cafes, furniture stores, etc.


This marketing method has a direct effect on the customers, as it stimulates their sense of satisfaction which eventually drives them to buy the food products. The fact that both the appearance and color of the food affect the customer’s willingness to buy, is a proven scientific fact that is out of the question. This scientific fact is what the overwhelming majority of restaurants and cafes in Japan are betting on. Japanese studies confirmed that 40% of passers-by decide to enter the restaurant and buy from it after seeing food samples in front of their eyes. Simply, “Replica Food” derives the viewer to make an easy decision to buy with no hesitation, which results in an increase of sales. As we mentioned before, the cost of manufacturing these models doesn’t require any operating expenses. You can consider it like any other piece of furniture in your store that you pay for it only one time. You are one step from converting your written menu to distinctive and enticing 3D models.




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