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“Replica Food” As You Never Knew Before!

In this article, we will explore some of the exciting information about “Replica Food”. When we first hear the phrase “Replica Food”, many questions pop up in our minds. Such as, what is it? Is there really something as “Fake Food”? What is it being used? Is it eatable? In fact, the idea of replica […]

“Replica Food”, A Marketing Method Based on Psychology

  The financial return is the main driver and guarantor of business continuity. For that purpose, everyone strives to ensure cash flow. If you are the owner of a food-related project, you may encounter some daily problems with your earnings. You may have felt before that your project is not gaining enough earnings in the […]

An Amazing Japanese Trick Brings You Quick Profits

  It is common practice when starting any business, especially food business, to develop some carefully studied strategies and plans, which ultimately derive into the expected profits, and then lead the restaurant to a high level of success and fame. The idea of a successful restaurant revolves around many strategies and key points that when […]

The Best Way to Ensure Greater Profits

    If you would like to start planning for a profitable business, we recommend you head for the food business. The food business is easy to support innovative and simple ideas that will work on increasing customer attraction and to develop those ideas Constantly. One of the outstanding points behind the success of any […]

Some of the art is on the front of your store

  This is precisely what we mean when we speak of “Replica Food ” or “Fake Food” as some may call it. All you need is some well-designed replicas of your products, and then display them on your storefront of to draw the customers’ attention. As we mentioned in another blog, this idea originated and […]

How to Increase Your Sales at Minimal Cost

  Many restaurant and coffee shop owners aspire to increase their sales in various ways that do not necessarily have a positive impact, may cause the waste of a lot of money or food, or may even lead to some counterproductive results. At FOOD TECH, we made it easier for you to increase your sales […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Our Products

  If you are the owner of a restaurant or a coffee shop and would like to distinguish yourself from others. Or if your business requires you to use real food samples for an exhibition, this article may interest you. From the heart of Tokyo, we transferred to you the techniques of making “fake food” […]