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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Our Products

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Our Products


If you are the owner of a restaurant or a coffee shop and would like to distinguish yourself from others. Or if your business requires you to use real food samples for an exhibition, this article may interest you.

From the heart of Tokyo, we transferred to you the techniques of making “fake food” as one of the most effective and distinctive means used as a marketing method to increase sales, reduce costs and enhance the purchasable experience. Without further ado, here are ten reasons why you should buy our products:


  1. Turn your storefront to a large display

In the countries that use these models, the practical experience has shown that the proportion of passers-by who make the decision to enter and buy from the store after seeing these models increases by 30-40%, where the storefront can be exploited, and all the products charmingly attract the passers-by to enter the restaurant and try the offered food. The fact that these dishes are only replicas enables you to exhibit it at different angles and places, which of course cannot be done using real food.


  1. Marketing at a minimal cost

You don’t have to pay a lot of money as in paper or electronic marketing campaigns. Having food in front of people is the only thing that can whet their appetite. So which works better? Showing the food in front of the passers-by while maintaining its delicious appearance every day? Or the endless, expensive marketing campaigns?


  1. Reduce food waste

Did you know that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranks first in the world in food wasting? Your exhibition of real food in order to facilitate the customer’s demanding process, and to beautify the shape of the offered products is understandable but leads to the depletion of your money as well as to the daily waste of our limited natural resources. Business owners always say that is to be a “unavoidable cost,” but now it’s all in the past. We at FOOD TECH reproduce any type of food for you with a high precision that will surprise every observer.


  1. Increasing sales

This method helps to attract customers attention and helps them to know the quality and type of food and drinks provided. This builds trust between the customer and the store, and thus increases profits. Using fake models made with extreme precision as a marketing method is not a spur of the moment. For example, in Japan, the application of this idea has been used for around a 100 years now, and it will be the first thing to be noticed by a visitor as the first steps in Japan. Being widely common as well as having survived until this moment, despite the development of other marketing tools, demonstrate its true effectiveness.


  1. Continuous free advertising

When your store has the singularity to present these models which are considered as completely innovative idea in the region, this will undoubtedly impress your clients.

In the era of technology and social media, your store will become viral via social media platforms, and its pictures will be continuously circulated among their users. This is usually the case with store owners who have adopted this idea. Maybe you want to be the next beneficiary!


  1. Know the specific details of the food before buying it

How many times have you found that your clients have difficulty making the order process and for different reasons? The function of the fake models is to convey the precise idea of the shape and size of the product as well as its components, making it easier for the buyer to choose his order, and thus contributes to improving his purchasing experience. In addition, these models will save the restaurant’s staff time; instead of rowing and rearranging real food day after day, they will only have to clean these models from dust once in a while, and thus, it will positively improve productivity.


  1. Hygiene and beauty of the place

“Replica Food” adds an aesthetical shape to the store’s facade while doing its main task in marketing products. You then can keep the place clean, and prevent the insects from gathering around, by replacing the real food with these replicas.



  1. No maintenance

Basically, these replica food models can be considered as any other piece of furniture in your store. They do not require expensive or complicated maintenance. All you need is to gently wipe the dirt off them with a wet towel.


  1. Long life

Because all of our products are designed using special materials to cope with the climate in our Arab region, you can use these models for up to 10 years without any noticeable change in their shape or color.


  1. Excellence and uniqueness

In fact, the Arab region lacks a lot of creative and innovative ideas, especially in terms of marketing. The viewer observes the size of the imitation among the competitors which in some cases, extends to the degree of matching. Here we invite you to try and exhibit some replica food models which are specifically manufactured according to your request, so you can see the result yourself, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

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